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Link not copy Router node pictures so the thumbnails can be generated in place at /opt/hardware/Freifunk-Router-Anleitungen/
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@@ -8,7 +8,8 @@ downloaded and resized with
git clone https://github.com/Moorviper/Freifunk-Router-Anleitungen
cd Freifunk-Router-Anleitungen/
mkdir fronts
-for i in *-*; do touch fronts/$i.jpg; cp $i/*front*.jpg fronts/$i.jpg; done
+for i in *-*; do cd $i; for f in *front*.jpg; do echo "$f";done; cd ../fronts/; ln -s ../$i/$f $i.jpg;cd ..;done
+#for i in *-*; do touch fronts/$i.jpg; cp $i/*front*.jpg fronts/$i.jpg; done
cd fronts/
for i in *.jpg; do
new="$(basename $i .jpg \
@@ -29,4 +30,4 @@ mkdir large
mv *jpg large/
mv fronts/* /var/www/freifunk/ffki-startseite/images/models/
-``` \ No newline at end of file