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add firmware indexer script
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diff --git a/download/upgrade-downloadpage.sh b/download/upgrade-downloadpage.sh
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/download/upgrade-downloadpage.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+# set the new release-candidate version here
+wget -k --no-check-certificate http://freifunk.in-kiel.de/firmware-rc.html -O $OUT_FILE
+# replace the data from the template
+sed -i 's|/.*/sysupgrade/gluon-ffki-<VERSION>|/release-candidate/sysupgrade/gluon-ffki-'$CUR'|g' $OUT_FILE
+sed -i 's|/.*/factory/gluon-ffki-<VERSION>|/release-candidate/factory/gluon-ffki-'$CUR'|g' $OUT_FILE
+echo -n "dead link check "
+#sed -i "s/tube2/nixtube2/g" $OUT_FILE # for debug to create a dead link
+INVALID='">n/a</a><deadlink none="'
+while IFS= read -r URL; do
+ if wget --no-check-certificate --spider "$URL" 2>/dev/null; then
+ echo -n .
+ else
+ echo
+ echo "$URL does not exist"
+ sed -i 's|'$URL'|'$URL''$INVALID'|g' $OUT_FILE
+ fi
+#done < <(grep -Po '(?<=href=")[^"]*' $OUT_FILE|grep gluon|grep alfa) # for debug
+done < <(grep -Po '(?<=href=")[^"]*' $OUT_FILE|grep gluon)
+echo "dead link check done"