BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
develMerge build and sign job (for now)Tobias Schramm4 years
fonera-ledesite.conf: mesh_vpn per default enabled = truerubo775 years
mastermaster wird nicht mehr benutzt, rc ist der neue default branchrubo774 years
multidomainkorrigierte mtu und broadcast für den ddhcpd bei Freifunk Nord domainrubo774 years
nightlymove gluon-radvd-filterd into featuresrubo774 years
release-candidateRemerge signing into the build stageDaniel Ehlers4 years
lede-historycommit 95ce0dda4a...rubo775 years
v2016.2.7commit 7600cdfc3e...rubo775 years
v2016.2.6.2commit 9fd59253d2...rubo775 years
v2016.2.6.1commit ea92a861ba...rubo775 years
v2016.2.5commit b812c12ce3...rubo775 years
v2016.1.6commit 705b05e6e2...rubo776 years
v2016.2.1commit 2714d5a3c7...rubo776 years
v2016.1.5.1commit e5ecace0b7...rubo776 years
v0.9.3commit 6bea4fd384...rubo776 years
v0.9.2commit 09c3e80461...rubo776 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-12-12korrigierte mtu und broadcast für den ddhcpd bei Freifunk Nord domainmultidomainrubo771-2/+2
2018-12-01add Freifunk Nord domainrubo771-0/+171
2018-12-01move dns config in domain configsrubo773-15/+30
2018-11-26create batman V Test-Domainrubo772-1/+158
2018-11-26switch to batman 15; move ddhcpd into domain configs; generate new fastd keys...rubo773-45/+47
2018-11-26prepare 2018.1.3rubo773-3/+3
2018-11-26set gw_sel_class = 3 (fast switch connection, chooses the gateway with the be...rubo771-1/+4
2018-11-26new lua site check and enhannce output of tests/validate.shrubo772-7/+22
2018-11-14add multi domain supportrubo775-267/+191
2018-11-14build only ar71xx targetsrubo771-1/+11